A day with Devlin Bridal Couture | The Wedding Reporter | Edition 1

Welcome to the very first edition of The Wedding Reporter!

We are super excited to be launching a new, regular feature which will take you inside some of the best boutiques and wedding businesses, and through the minds of some of the very best Wedding Creatives in the South-West; From Bridal Boutiques to Wedding Cakes, Photographers to quirky Magicians, we will be showcasing only the best of the best.

With stunning shots from our Official Wedding Reporter Photographer, the truly talented Jessica Hill Photography (← Take a look for yourself!), along with fabulous interviews and even a few LIVE videos now and then, this really is the best place to find the perfect wedding supplier for the big day!

We popped into Devlin Bridal Couture for a chat recently and we felt this popular bridal boutique would be the perfect first edition for the Wedding Reporter feature.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it.

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

Name of Boutique: Devlin Bridal Couture

Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Wedding Creative : Annabel Devlin

Devlin Bridal Couture is a luxury bridal boutique based in the town of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, specialising in wedding dresses that are slightly different to the norm!

The boutique boasts beautifully classic wedding dresses by the talented Sassi Holford, whose dress designs give beautiful styling and crisp, clean lines along with the slightly more “Boho” relaxed feel from Watters and the more dramatic and glamorous dresses from Ian Stuart and of course Lazaro.

The boutique opened in September 2016 after the huge success of the Belle of the ball bridals in Melksham. Annabel, the owner had noticed a huge gap in the market for brides who want that out of this world dress but nothing seemed to be available in Wiltshire along these lines.

We popped in for a chat with Annabel, who could not have made us more welcome. First impression on entering this luxury boutique was how relaxed and welcoming it felt, perfect for any bride who is feeling a little nervous.

Annabel was quick to tell us that Wedding dress shopping can be a scary thing for any bride as they want to get it right. After all, it's the most important dress you will ever wear! “Our main aim when working with a bride is to immediately make her feel relaxed and at ease as soon as she walks through our doors. We have lots of fun with our customers and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Wedding Dress searching is the most exciting thing in the world, so even after back to back appointments on a Saturday, that 4pm bride gets the exact same enthusiasm as the 10am bride.”

This is certainly backed up by their raving 5* Social media reviews and the fantastic testimonials they receive in person. Annabel’s enthusiasm for helping brides find “the dress” really shines through.

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

We wanted to know what would be the most common question asked by brides?

[Annabel] Now this is a tricky one as every bride is different, but I would say the thing brides worry about most, is that all the dresses will be size 8 and we won't have anything to fit them! This of course is far from the truth in our boutique, we have samples in a size 8-24, and we can get most dresses on most people. We also have our magic clips that show you how the dress will look when in the correct size.

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

It can be really hard to know when the best time to start shopping for your dream dress is so we asked for Annabels advice. . .

[Annabel] We advise 12 months as the optimum time before the wedding to start searching for the gown, this allows 7 months for it to be made and 5 months for leeway and alterations. We can of course get some gowns in sooner on a rush order but this does reduce the gowns we can show a bride and the cost does increase.

That is definitely worth knowing when planning your wedding timeline don't you agree? She then went on to say “If you have just got engaged and you are ready to find your dress but the wedding isn't for 2 years or so, then just go for it! It's never too early to say yes to the dress!”

Annabel on searching for a wedding dress. . .

“The best piece of advice I can give brides-to- be would be to be prepared to say yes! It may seem like the most straight forward thing in the world but we get so upset for a bride if she visits and finds a dress she really loves but doesn't say yes straight away, to then comes back to us in 6 months’ time looking to to order it, but in that time the gown has been discontinued. Something like this would mean the search must start all over again whilst comparing everything to "the one" she loved previously. It’s so hard for them to get past that original gown. If you love it, buy it! We offer our brides payment plans to help spread the cost if that will help.”

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

Advice on finding the right Bridal Boutique

[Annabel] “When dress hunting a bride should always look for a boutique that you get a good vibe from. Look online, check out their social media, do they look like they are easy going, relaxed, and fun to be around? Check out their Instagram posts, do you like the dresses they share and importantly, look through their website, do they have designer’s images of dresses they have in store? Do you like these dresses? Do you see yourself in them? It's important to visit a boutique where you like their style.”

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

We asked that dreaded body shape question, what dress suits which shape…

[Annabel] “The best guidance I can give to a bride when it comes to body shape is try what the stylist suggests, even if you don't like it on the hanger the dress could look incredible on you, remember the stylist does this every day so she knows how different dresses look on a body.”

When making an appointment at Devlin Bridal Couture you can expect to share lots of information before you even get to your first visit (another tick in that 5 star review box).

Behind the scenes, dresses will be already earmarked for a bride before stepping through the doors, as an idea on the style you have indicated. When you arrive you will have the time to talk through what your vision for your dress is and then pick some out together. Annabel tells us “The dress usually finds a bride quite quickly in our boutique but we always try lots on just to make sure”

Definitely a thorough and bride focused approach.

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

We wanted to know who’s best to bring along to the bridal appointment?

[Annabel] When booking your appointment, be sure to think about who you want to bring with you. We have some brides who bring 5 people with them and it's fab, though others who bring this amount, where there are so many opinions they can't decide and it can get a little overwhelming. On other occasions, a bride will bring a friend but can't decide without mum but they love a sale dress and it's then not here when they come back. If you need a specific person with you bring them along to that appointment.

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

We know you can’t have a “Favourite Bride” but do you have a most memorable bride?

[Annabel] My most memorable bride, wow I don't think I can answer that! Every customer is so special to us in different ways and you have such a special bond with each. I have one lovely lady who we swap handbag and shoe tips with one another - She has a lovely Victoria Beckham handbag which I am in love with and I visited a shoe shop in London that we were both lusting after, so of course I had to send her pictures from inside the shop!

I also have another customer who I found out lived around the corner from me and our children go to the same nursery, we now see each other socially!

We tend to form quite a bond with our brides as they become like family during their journey and beyond at Devlin Bridal Couture.”

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

C’mon you’ve got to tell us… What’s your favourite item in the boutique?

My favourite item in the shop... No, I couldn't just choose one! So, I won't choose a dress, I would say I adore our fab copper hangers, they make the whole shop pop with a splash of colour and really bring our love for rose gold and copper into the shop in a big way.

Images by Jessica Hill Photography

Before we left, obviously, we wanted the scoop on what’s coming next to the boutique!

Annabel was excited to share that the amazing Sassi Holford dresses are due to arrive in-store at the beginning of May, with Devlin Bridal Couture being Wiltshire’s only stockist of these amazing gowns!

[Annabel] “Sassi has created dresses for royalty and celebrities and the cut of her dresses is out of this world. When we met her to choose from the collection recently she told us how she can make a woman look 2 dress sizes smaller....... Yes, we did ask if she could make us a normal clothing line with the same structure!!!!”

Name of Boutique: Devlin Bridal Couture

Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire Website: www.devlinbridalcouture.co.uk

Email: info@devlinbridalcouture.co.uk

Contact Number: 01225 571771

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next addition of The Wedding Reporter where we have another new truly talented business for you!

Love TWE Team xx

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