Zaza Marcelle and her passion for unique Wedding Cakes | The Wedding Reporter | Edition 2

The Wedding Reporters - Cake Designer South West - Zaza Marcelle

After last weeks debut of The Wedding Reporter (View it here) with Wiltshire’s finest, luxury bridal boutique Devlin Bridal Couture, we have been over-whelmed with such positive feedback from not only our South-West engaged couples but also our network of incredibly talented suppliers. The next few months sees an amazing line up of talent so prepare to be wowed! But first, we head into Bristol for the second edition of The Wedding Reporter to see the wonderful cake designer Isabelle Boizis of Zaza Marcelle.

The Wedding Reporters - Cake Designer South West - Zaza Marcelle

Name of Cake Designer: Zaza Marcelle

Location: Bristol

Wedding Creative : Isabelle Boizis

Photos by: Jessica Hill Photography

You don’t need to be in the presence of the wonderfully talented Isabelle for long, to see just how passionate she is about her work, her love for the industry along with her great personality and laughter, is simply infectious.

We have loved hearing Isabelle's journey and joyous story of working in France for five years, yet always dreaming of coming to England to pursue her love for all things cake and in particular WEDDINGS! When the time finally came for England to meet one of the finest patisserie chefs, London was the first port of call and later the perfect patisserie café in Clifton opened it's doors to Isabelle, which was when Isabelle arrived in the South-West, and boy aren’t we lucky?

Isabelle oozes enthusiasm when talking about the moment she decided to start on her own business journey.

[Isabelle]: “After years of experience, I decided it was time for me to run my own project! I mostly make wedding cakes and birthday cakes, but I also offer a whole range of French Patisserie for birthdays, weddings, and celebrations in general. My experience in patisserie leads me to bring a different twist to any cake. I always make sure that the taste comes first, and of course, the looks must follow. I work with the best products available, mainly organic, or locally sourced as much as possible. I believe it really makes a difference.”

The Wedding Reporters - Cake Designer South West - Zaza Marcelle

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

Isabelle certainly knows her cake and from our first experience of meeting her at our last Wedding Showcase event we and many of our suppliers, instantly fell in love with her beautiful, gorgeous cakes and her positive and relaxed energy.

We asked Isabelle, what do you enjoy most about creating unique designs and what do your previous and present clients love most about working with you?

[Isabelle]: “When I work with couples, my aim is to listen closely to their needs and expectations. Every couple has an idea of what their dream wedding cake should look like. It is my job to understand it and bring a little something that will make it truly theirs, not just copy another cake design. If they don't know what they want or perhaps have too many ideas, it is up to me as the cake designer, to help them make their mind up by offering my expertise to design something they will love! Every cake is a master piece, so every single wedding cake needs a new inspiration. Each couple is different, and it must represent them.”

The Wedding Reporters - Cake Designer South West - Zaza Marcelle

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

Isabelle is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the cake industry and is always aware of the concerns couples may have when looking to design their wedding cake. She explains that the main concerns are usually the size of the cake, the amount of decoration they can get that fits within their budget, and of course, flavours.

Have you found your ideal cake designer yet? Have you decided on your cake flavours or the overall design? Let us know in the comments below!

We asked Isabelle to advise us a little more on what she would suggest to help a couple with a small budget but would still like that “Wow” wedding cake for their special day:

[Isabelle]: “In term of decorations, things with intricate details such as sugar flowers are a very long process, so I would suggest a design with less detail or perhaps incorporate some fresh flowers, depending on the budget and needs of a couple." Sound advice there Isabelle!

The Wedding Reporters - Cake Designer South West - Zaza Marcelle

Image by Jessica Hill Photography

What about the flavours? What would you recommend?

[Isabelle]: “The flavours are always a long debate during consultations! I always suggest to go for at least one "classic" big tier such as a Victoria Sponge to make sure that everyone enjoys the cake, and then have some more unusual flavours on smaller tiers. The flavours are just as important as the design! Because at the end of the day, that's what people will remember! If the cake was gorgeous but tasted awful, that is all people will remember ...”

We asked Isabelle about that all important time period. How far in advance should couples consider engaging their cake designer? We find more and more often people are leaving it too late and are instantly disappointed to find that highly recommended suppliers are booked up for 12+ months.

Isabelle strongly suggests that for a summer wedding (June to end of August) you should look to find a cake designer a year in advance! The rest of the year, perhaps 6 months’ maximum. [Isabelle] “Couples shouldn't take the risk to leave it too long as the cake designer they really want may have to turn them down, as he or she is fully booked. Also, remember that the cake consultation also needs a bit of organisation for couples who live further away. Just remember, the more time you have to decide and discuss, the less stress!”

The Wedding Reporters - Cake Designer South West - Zaza Marcelle