When it comes to your music choices for the big day!

I have worked with many couples in my career: some knew exactly what they want, some didn’t know where to start from.

I had a two years advance planning or two days advance warning. In both cases it is important to consider the following points: Ask yourself these: Does our choice of music reflect both our taste? Does this piece of music mean something to us both? Talk to each other, find out how you imagine the day going, what style is the wedding?

Is it a themed wedding? ( I had 1920's wedding, a Disney wedding, a pure classical wedding, a boy band pop song wedding. The choice is entirely yours! When you have got your songs, talk to your performer. He/she is best place to go for for advise! Whether they think the music is too fast ( for the walk down the aisle), too long or too short for the occasion.

Also, will it sound good in your choice of venue? What kind of equipment you need for the square footage of the room... All these factors are very important to create that perfect moment when all your family and friends are gathered to celebrate your new life together. You’d like to make it memorable and unique!

Tamilla x

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