“But why should we hire a wedding planner?” – A MUST READ!

At all of our award winning wedding shows, we often find engaged couples nearing the big day stressed or worrying about the smallest of things. Believe me when I say if we were handed £1 for every single couple saying the words “I wish we had hired a planner”, then boy would myself and the team be loving life!

Image by Hattie Ellis Photography and Flowers by The Flower Cabin.

Although having a wedding planner can sound quite extreme and to some, perhaps a little pricey (We can hear those pound signs shrieking in your ears right now) but in reality, 99% of the time, having a wedding planner involved in your big day can help you SAVE money as well as a hell of A LOT of stress along the way.

Wedding planners are crazy passionate and they will forever pour their heart and soul into your big day. You will also have the added benefit of the huge amount of wedding planning experience that they have and will soon learn just how professional and organised they are (Imagine having your own wedding planning best friend at your fingertips!?).

Not only can a wedding planner save you money and stress, they also help tie together everything such as styling aspects and the overall running of the day, they will also always be happy to offer handy tips and advice.

So, you are only having a "small" wedding and don't think you need a planner? You only have limited funds to cover all aspects of the wedding? Worried about staying on budget? Are you constantly hunting for the lowest priced supplier but without trying to looe out on the professional and high quality service?

Most Wedding Planners in your area more than likely have a working relationship with your chosen suppliers already, so they could either get some great deals, saving you money OR they could make your money go further!

Image by Jamie Water Photography

It’s never too late to hire a wedding planner, some planners offer set packages and would always be more than happy to help you tie the last few details together. If you have just started your weddings plans, be sure to budget in for the perfect wedding planner for you both as a couple, because you really will not regret it!

Here are our top 5 planning tips to keep the stress levels down and the chances of turning into the ultimate Bridezilla to a minimum. However, if you have a planner, these sort of tips would be the perfect and ideal tasks they would help provide you with, amongst many others.

A planner offers you the chance to really enjoy your big day, you’ve spent far too long and too much money to be worrying about it, so hand over the reins and relax!

1. Time it right & make it easy!

So, picture this, you’re getting married in two short weeks and you’ve STILL not received all of your RSVPS from the guests. Now your venue is badgering you for final numbers? STRESS LEVELS = definitely 10/10… After spending a good 2-3 hours of your time chasing them all, you STILL can’t get hold of half of them? STRESS LEVELS are now a good 10/10.

We always recommend to give it at least 4 weeks before the wedding, but if you are happy with longer then go for it! Any longer will help relieve your stress levels and you are still giving them enough time to get back to you.

Top Tip: To be able to make it easier for guests to reply to you and give you any updates on their invitations, why not try creating a Wedding Website. You can create them for FREE and some have some amazing templates where you don’t have to do a lot to them. Simply let your guests know the link in the RSVPS and they have no excuses!

Image from West Country Wedding Planners and shot by Ben Simmonds Photography.

2. Keep up together and organised

One thing we ALWAYS say to our brides is be sure to keep lists! It helps clear your mind, keeps you stress free and in check with what needs doing. Whether you have a wedding planner book to keep everything together or some of our brides even use the “Notes” app on their phone. Even just grabbing a piece of paper and pen and listing what you have to do will help!

3. Keep your wedding theme and over all style in mind at all times

You’ve created 15 different wedding boards on Pinterest? You have piles of wedding magazines on your coffee table with hundreds of corners turned over? Your mother in law has dropped off various items for you to use on your big day, all random colours and themes?

What we suggest is to use the 1-3 priority list. Have three words relating to your theme. Gold? Metalic? Rustic? Vintage? Rainbow? Floral? White? Woodland? Once you have decided on your theme, be sure to stick to it. When looking at purchasing something, check that the items fall under at least two of your three words. If it doesn’t then DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP - WALK AWAY!

It is far too easy to get distracted with all of the glamorous and pretty things in shops, online and Pinterest. But remember, sometimes less is more. You don’t want your wedding day looking like a random jumble sale.

Image Unknown: Sourced Pinterest.

4. Venue Check, Check, CHECK!

One thing we ALWAYS discuss with brides is that they should check over every single detail with your venue. Right down from the table linen to the alcohol. Before you sign any contract be sure to go over everything you can think of.

Before you visit and finalise anything, write out a list of things you would like to discuss with the coordinator. If there is anything you are unsure of before signing and paying your deposit, chat with your partner and parents (If they are paying) and see if there is anything the venue can do on the prices or packages they are offering you.

5. Be sure to have some alone time with your newly Wed

Our last and final tip of the day would be sure to schedule a point in the day of the wedding where you and your new husband/wife can have some time alone to cherish the memories.

Whether this is when you are having your photos with the photographer, after the speeches, or even just after the ceremony. Go for a short walk, talk thro